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About Anna

Anna is a brand manager and digital strategist who is always on the lookout for new projects and interesting experiences.

As a young professional with a background in design and business development with a focus on visual storytelling, Anna approaches projects with personal flair and a highly refined sense of aesthetics. As an entrepreneur who is actively engaged in the startup community, she has developed a highly engaged social network. She has worked with a number of companies to help them develop their brand, voice, and digital strategies.

Anna is currently updating her personal website and portfolio. You can view a wider collection of her work here -- a visual diary of sorts.

Find me watering fig trees in my indoor garden, contributing to discussion in the 30k+ strong employment & entrepreneurial group I started last year, meeting strangers for coffee, wandering around the city while meditating on my next themed playlist, outside city hall, carefully curating and creating content for clients, hiding out between shelves at the library, seeking out pretty pieces of the past in thrift store aisles, taking photos of churches, drawing pictures of passersbys and feeling low key jealous of husky owners.

I adore new wave films, 60’s french pop, altruism, shoegaze, all things twee, ukuleles, Wes Anderson, carefully curated playlists, terrible puns, double negatives, literature, illustration, astrology, black and white photography, space docs, breakfast foods, beach camping, strong female friendships, hand lettering, minimal design, monochromatic minimalism, fig trees, floral prints, autumn splendour, the sea, and friendly coffee dates.

I am always seeking out new projects and interesting experiences. Please get in touch if you are interested in working together!

It's not unusual for me to be working on a number of creative projects at any given time. My primary focus these days is working with small businesses to develop their branding, websites and digital strategies. I founded the Cynefin Collective in 2014 as a means of reaching out to the entreprenurial community.

Some current and past clients include The City of Toronto, The Liberal Party, Green Enterprise Movement, The Green Living Show, Food Starter, Peace Point TV, Gusto 101, Trattoria Nervosa and more...

For the past few years I have working with the directly with The City of Toronto through the Economic and Cultural Development Division (Enterprise Toronto & Startup Here Toronto), in regards to developing the digital strategy for the city's entrepreneurial and startup community programs.

Some Ongoing Projects

We are a local independent collective of conscientious creative types. We help bring your ideas to light.
Ask us about how we can help you grow your business through digital platforms!

An ongoing series focused on meeting up with 50+ mentors, friends, thought leaders, dreamers, doers and challengers -- real people with cool stories and contagious energy.
Seeking out real connections, pursuing purpose, gathering insight, and sharing stories along the way. 50 cups of coffee can change your life.

midtown milieu
A midtown Toronto community hub and guide.
Check out our shop small // buy local guide

Let's show the world why Toronto is a great place to work and live! Share your story! Tag us or use #startuphereto on Instagram or twitter.
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Work Style
  • Minimal
  • Contemporary
  • Action Oriented
  • Attention To Detail
  • Conversation Driven
  • Highly Visual
  • Contribute Vs Interrupt
  • Refined Aesthetic
  • Conscientious Cultivation
  • Careful Curation
  • Naturally Sunny
  • Creative
  • Strategic
  • Productive
  • Genuine
  • Appreciative
  • Reliable
  • Thoughtful
  • Altruistic
  • Insightful
  • Passionate
  • Helping Entrepreneurs
  • Design & Tech
  • French New Wave Films
  • 60's French Pop
  • Engaging Discussion
  • Social Good
  • Green Living
  • Beach Days
  • The Occasional Dad joke

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    My Work

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    Style By Sheyda

    Branding & Identity & Website

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    Ryerson University

    Tech + Fashion - Keynote & Workshop

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