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Increasing Lead Generation & Sales via Social Media Marketing



Social media was once a shiny new toy. It quickly infiltrated the PR and B2C marketing space. But as more social networks began to appear, and more people began to adopt the use of them, they became an intriguing space for all types of companies to be present on. At first, many businesses hardly knew what to do on social media — just that they needed to be using it.

That’s all changed now. The latest reports clearly highlight that the use of social media has been not only been adopted, but has been deeply integrated into a business’s marketing methodology.

63% of companies using social media say it has increased their marketing effectiveness.



In fact 53% of U.S. Small to Medium sized businesses consider social media sites to be of some level of importance in making sales.






For B2B purchases, LinkedIn – the leading social network for business people – is the most effective social media network and generates the most conversions.




LinkedIn also generates conversions, while Facebook generates the most.




Tapping the potential of social media for your business might mean one of two options..

1. Become a specialist yourself

2. Hire a specialist


Deciding which is the best option for you depends on a few factors..

There are a few question you should ask yourself.



How much money do I have to allocate towards marketing?


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