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Should I Hire a Social Media Specialist?



Tapping the potential of social media for your business might mean one of two options..

1. Become a specialist yourself

2. Hire a specialist


Deciding which is the best option for you depends on a few factors..

There are a few question you should ask yourself.

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How much money has my business allocated towards marketing?

How much should I be spending?

Will I have enough to cover costs and salary / contract fees? (This last one is best to discuss with a community manager – Sometimes Social media professionals are willing to discuss discount rates in regards to ongoing client work)

In what other areas could I reduce cost? Β Can I offer any type of incentives besides money?

Which is more important to me: Saving money or seeing results?





Do I personally have time to devote towards continuous daily learning focused on social media, trends, campaigns, tools and management?


Would my time be better spent focusing on my specialties and developing my own unique skill set?

Would I be a successful community manager?

Do you poses the 12 traits of a successful social media manager?Β 





What is my idea of success?

How many people do I hope to reach through your business?

Do I understand the importance and value of marketing?

In what style do I approach your business?

Do you I to work with like minded individuals?

What aspects of marketing are most important to me?

Which is more important to me.. Cost or Quality?





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