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If It Scares You Then It Might Be A Good Thing To Try…




In a past life I suffered from crippling anxiety.

Things started to change for me when I realized  that by consciously making changes to my behaviour that I could in turn affect the way I was feeling.

I started to take more risks in my life. No, I did not adopt an adrenaline junkie style lifestyle. I didn’t get reckless or self destructive.. But I did start putting myself out there and opening up to people like I hadn’t before. Making yourself vulnerable.

As much as I am driven to strive for perfection in the details I also realize that its important to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. I believe that it’s important to find where you fit by seeking to help others and not clinging to ideas of situations that are permanent or flawless.  Rather to find happiness we should to learn to  accept our situations gracefully, even if they aren’t our idea of perfect.

Whats the worst that could happen?  Things could get tough.. you might struggle. Life as you know if could fall apart, yes. However, keep in mind that the most beautiful aspect of this life is the infinite number of new beginnings awaiting us.

We might not always “get it right”, or” come out on top”, but lets be honest…

Sometimes decisions that appear to be bad choices, make the best stories.

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