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My Friends Are Married



There seems to be an expectation that, if a female of a certain age has her hands free, she wants someone to fill them up with a newborn, when really, in my case, a vodka tonic and a plate of sandwiches would be much preferred.


When my friend tells me her and her husband bought a house in the suburbs..

and I’m like…


When My married friend’s husband asks her to be home by a certain time.

and I’m like…


When someone tells me I’m not the kind of girl someone would want to marry.

and I’m like…


When someone tells me to enjoy my freedom, because marriage ties you down.

and I’m like…


In all seriousness I would love to get married someday.. Probably settle into a home, have a family. On my own terms. In my own time.

That day is not today… So heres to all the fun in the process of getting to that point! Cheers!



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