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I Won The Light Up Bloordale Contest


How excited was I to find out that we won the #lightupbloordale contest this week!

I submitted two photos with the idea of setting up a mini green house on the balcony!

Excited to be forming plans on how we will be arranging our new set up 🙂
More details soon!

I sat down to go over a few ideas for the balcony plans…

I want to create a unique relaxing space that will allow us to grow fresh organic produce, prepare food, entertain and possibly even practice some yoga!

I have taken a look at few of the local hardware stores, etc as well as online possibilities..

So far I have found that the containment units we had hoped to put in place are just too wide to fit the space we have available. So I’ve taken a look at some alternative options. The units I’ve been looking at can also be moved inside during the cold months, allowing for a longer growing period throughout the year.

I have posted a pin board to help organize research and decide what might work best (within budget of course!) $5000

1) Tower garden 3 piece starter kit – Efficient, eco friendly, aeroponic towers. Can grow a wide variety of fresh produce, herbs and flowers. Includes timers to save energy use.

2) Weather blankets for towers. Also protects from birds and bugs.

3) A variety of Seed and sprouts + Sprouting kits.

4) A 2 level vermicompost .

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