Lately Obsessed: Urbery


I recently had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Urbery. They are a same day urban grocery delivery service that has launched this year in Toronto.



  1. log in  

2. select you items  

3. pick your delivery time window  


Don’t see something you want… Just ask! My guru went out of her way and made a special trip to Roast butcher in my neighbourhood to pick up some ground beef at my request!    


DSC_0706   DSC_0658



  Picking up Yourself  

– Walk / drive  

– Shop  

– Any missing list items?  

– Getting distracted by items not on my list  

– Waiting in line at checkout  

– Walk / drive home  

– Unload the car  



– Place order directly  

– Be available at your selected time window  


Urbery is known for their exceptionally quick service, because of their ability to deliver within 2 hours of placing your order, in comparison to other companies that often need a few days notice, if not more.      



If you don’t find an item that you want on the list of 3,500 available items to choose from you can easily add a note during checkout to request any additional items.

They even have specifically curated sections for those with dietary restrictions!

This service is great for anyone but especially perfect for busy entrepreneurs who might not always have time to shop but value the benefits of meal cooked at home.  You can also give yourself some extra points for supporting a local Toronto startup!

You have direct contact with your designated grocery guru who will offer helpful alternatives if for some reason items are not available. You are even provided with a tracking link to follow their progress. A “grocery guru” (a fleet of personal grocery shoppers) will do all the leg work and present your order at your doorstep. 

Last minute dinner arrangements to be made? Don’t have time to shop before dinner? Easily order on the go from your mobile or laptop!  

Urbery will take one more item off your to do list.


Save $15 off your first order

Want to give Urbery a try? Just click here and enter your email to save $15 off your first order!

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