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Lately Obsessed: 10K Coffees


I recently came across the platform 10k Coffees, after launching my 50 Coffees blog. It’s a relatively new platform that allows you to connect with individuals for casual meet ups to share experiences, chat about careers and discuss relevant topics.

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So remember that guy who posted the “Space Oddity” video from space that had over 25 million views? He’s this pretty interesting astronaut, writer and generally cool guy, as well as the former commander of the international space station. NBD. Yea.. that was Chris Hadfield and guess what.. He is on here too! Talk about a unique perspective. I would love to have coffee with this guy!

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Personally I have always preferred to meet up with new people one on one then through industry networking events. I feel like its easier for me to form a real connection in a casual setting with no agenda.

One of the lines I live by is…


50 coffees has allowed me to approach many individuals of various industries in a friendly way without prejudice or agenda. It’s so lovely to connect with people of varying backgrounds and narratives. It’s given me so much insight into the community in a more holistic way than I ever imagined.

I’ve also had the opportunity to help many members of the community whether it be through advice on direction, connecting them with others or singing their projects praises in the social sphere.

I think that the nature of our conversations often allows those that I’m “interviewing” to self-reflect or even re-examine their commitments and passions. I’ve received a lot of positive feedback in this regards. Sometimes stepping back to discuss the bigger picture plays catalyst to seeking out inspiration or reigniting your fire.

Ten Thousand Coffees is an amazing tool in regards to connecting with community members to discussing my 50 coffees project! I recently met up with Jay Wall who is also a member of Ten Thousand Coffees. He mentioned that he has had a few wonderful meetings through the platform. I also use Twitter, Facebook and Linked In to connect with individuals with interesting stories to share. Start Up Travels is another new and interesting platform.


After about a month of using the platform Mackenzie Ewing the content and community manager of 10K Coffees reached out to me with interest in my experience with my 50 coffees project and a few questions.

You can find my Q&A with Mackenzie posted here on the 10K Coffe blog. Find me under #youshouldmeet



10K- What’s the most interesting or impactful thing you’ve learned from the project so far?

A- I think maybe the most impactful thing I’ve learned, in summary, could be the true value of collaboration. People in this city are doing some amazing things! I’ve always been pretty fiercely independent in my life and career, but this experience has opened up my eyes to the possibilities and accomplishments of what like-minded individuals can do when they work together. I’m excited to move forward with all different kinds of projects where I can continue to learn, improve my skills and hopefully play catalyst for positive social change.


If you do sign up check out this post …

How to add an invite button to your online profiles! 

It will look like this…


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