Lately Obsessed: Keaton Henson


Oh Keaton Henson – What’s not to love.

He makes beautifully authentic and touching English folk music, and appears as though he would feel very much at home amidst the pastoral landscapes of a Andrew Wyeth painting or a Charlotte Brontë novel. He has an air of love and good intentions. Keaton Henson Aesthetic = Neutral good.


keaton_henson-15152786_orig DSC_3299 copy

Keaton is a bit of a recluse it would seem.  He is known for having crippling stage fright, despite his talents and range, yet it comes as a bit of a surprise that he has only committed to playing a total of only 2 live shows this year in the UK. He even once opted to answer questions via sketched drawings during his interview with Fader Magazine rather then be recorded on camera.

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He recently released a video to accompany the song “Lying to you” directed by famed photographer Autumn De Wilde staring her daughter Arrow. (Two of my most favourite people) This family oozes artistic aptitude. Autumn has shot everyone from Elliott Smith, Beck, Lena Dunham, The White Stripes, The Dead Weather, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, She and Him, Bright Eyes, to Rilo Kiley (Some more of my favourite people). Aaron Sperske (Arrow’s father) plays drummer for bands like Beachwood Sparks and Father John Misty (<– love).



The first of his songs that I had the pleasure of hearing brought on a lot of mixed feelings. I was completely drawn in by the soft melancholic tones and the seaside imagery, while the lyrics gripped at the heart of me. Sometimes I just can’t help but fall in love with sad songs.. 


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Oh and he released “Romantic Works” in 2014 in testament to his more classical music talents… No big deal or anything. 

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