What’s Your Ritual?


Most of us have routines and rituals we keep up with throughout the week. My flexible schedule and remote working freedoms afford me a rather relaxed lifestyle in this regards. I fancy myself a flaneur of sorts.

I don’t have any kind of set routine or limitations in my life beyond a few key project delivery dates, and set meetings or events. I can work from with a Wifi signal and absolutely love to explore the urban landscape and interesting interiors that this city has to offer.

Because of my fortunate situation, I make a habit of meeting new people regularly. I also make a point to frequently visit new cafe’s or other spots conducive to working on the go.

Here are a few of my top picks:



Boxcar Social




Download the Ritual app now to get your free coffee (or lunch – $10 value) *Just use ANNA5536

If you’re lucky your regular spot might already be listed. If not there is an option to place a request.


What is Ritual App?

Available to urban professionals in downtown Toronto, Ritual is your concierge for the best restaurants and coffee shops in your neighbourhood.

Use Ritual to order & pay right from your smartphone and pick up your coffee or meal in the fastlane.

Say goodbye to lineups, loose change, and paper receipts, and save time on your everyday routine.

Use the valuable hours of time saved each week on the important things in life.

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