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If like myself, you seem to always have multiple projects on the go, having an organized desktop can make a notable difference when it comes to workflow. As a visual person, this method seems to work best for me. It allows me to quickly and clearly sort out priorities and relevancies associated with my many project files, including notes on progress, strategy documents, reports, curated content, mood boards, or the like. This approach can also be paired with notable productivity software such as wunderlist, or asana.

I generally sort the files and folders within this space into four specific sections…


To Do

This is where I cue up files that correspond with my ongoing ‘to do’ list.ย Some of these items may be lower priority, but I will still place them here if I want to ensure that I won’t lose track of my current progress or entirely forget about initial concepts and ideas.

  • Files to send to Hard drives, app ideas, market research, mood boards, content to post, business ideas, affiliate codes, and more



This is where I place files that are top priority for that particular day or week.



This is where I place files that I use most often for personal projects or free time.

  • Recipes that I want to try, articles to read, inspiring design samples, personal writing, links to specs of items I’m thinking about purchasing, and more.



This is where I sort files that I commonly use for work throughout the week.

  • Styleguides, graphics, notes for strategy documents, email drafts,ย or other things I may be working on that will eventually be filled into other folders.



Download my Desktop // Create Your Ownย (Using photoshop or another photo editing software, impose your own photo(s) over this file at around 50% opacity)






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