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    A Holiday Playlist

    Let’s curl up by the fire, enjoy the company of loved ones, and forget about our problems for a few days. Find it here…

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    Organize Your Desktop + Free Download

    If like myself, you seem to always have multiple projects on the go, having an organized desktop can make a notable difference when it comes to workflow. As a visual person, this method seems…

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    What’s Your Ritual?

    Most of us have routines and rituals we keep up with throughout the week. My flexible schedule and remote working freedoms afford me a rather relaxed lifestyle in this regards. I fancy myself a flaneur…

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    Oh Yum: Taco Soup

    This soup dish is easy, fast, and fresh! It’s super tasty, healthy, satisfying, hearty, tangy, easy to keep veggie friendly (with a few adjustments) , and seriously delicious! Prep and cook time is right around 45 minutes, and…

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    Workplace Playlist N°1

    Wes Anderson is a long time favourite director. Who wouldn’t love his magically quirky productions with their gorgeous cinematography and meticulous attention to detail.. Enjoy this playlist which includes well known classics featured throughout…

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    Lately Obsessed: Keaton Henson

    Oh Keaton Henson – What’s not to love. He makes beautifully authentic and touching English folk music, and appears as though he would feel very much at home amidst the pastoral landscapes of a Andrew Wyeth painting or a…